It is so exciting to share my love of growing plants with you, again. My new greenhouse is a constant source of learning and joy. Learning how to grow so many different kinds of plants in a small greenhouse with primarily western exposure. Learning how to make a small income with my brilliant new tool. Constant joy to be able to immerse myself in the atmosphere of growing plants.

Please enjoy the images of the barn restoration, shop the store for geranium cuttings, and please sign up for news of the Barn.

About Us

Jeanie McKewan owned and managed Brightflower Farm, a 4-acre specialty cut flower farm in Stockton, IL, for 15 years. The farm was sold in early 2021. She is now working in her greenhouse, spending a few days a week cutting flowers for Sunborn Gardens in Mt Horeb, WI (sheer heaven!), mentoring new flower farmers through the ASCFG, mentoring some local farmer/florists, teaching some classes, and generally keeping busy in the dirt. Her husband and best friend for over 40 years, Michael Staver, does a fabulous job of cooking meals and helping in the garden. Together we love to play with our grandchildren and travel.

The Barn

Brightflower Barn is a fresh iteration of my love and passion for growing flowers. We moved off the flower farm in September of 2020 and sold the farm in February 2021. But, I knew I couldn’t give up my love of being surrounded by plants and flowers. On the new property, which is about an acre, there is an old barn that was built in the late 1800’s, it was paneled in steel in the 1940’s. When we bought the property, the barn was full of junk, and not particularly good junk, that more than filled a 30-yard dumpster. The roof of the main barn was pealing at the edges and one of the two additions, an old repair shop, was also in poor shape. But the potential!


Brightflower Barn specializes in rooted cuttings of scented geraniums. During the 15 years of Brightflower Farm, I collected many varieties of scented geraniums. Most I picked out from various mail order greenhouses, others from fellow plant geeks in the horticulture industry. Early in my cut flower growing career, I got an order for flowers and greenery from a San Francisco area designer who was doing a wedding in the Chicago suburbs. She listed some of the greenery she like to use and one of the items was scented geranium. Bingo! I would finally turn my collections into something that made me money! And I am continuing to do just that. Through a lot of trials, my team and I curated a selection of scented geraniums that worked for bouquets and design work, some of the small leaved varieties worked great for boutonnieres. I am excited to offer you a mix of plants that include the best of my selections.

Recent Additions