Brightflower Barn

Wholesale Nursery for Cut Flower Growers

Using Herbs in Bouquets

At Brightflower Farm, we used many different herbs in our bouquets and sold many bunches of herbs to florists and designers. We also did a couple of “All Greenery” weddings and used a lot of herbs in the arrangements.

Many of the herbs we offer are not hardy in colder zones but can be planted in containers and then brought into a protected space to get a longer cutting time. Or, if you can over-winter in a heated space, some of the herbs can be perennialized.

All of the herbs we sell can be held in the cooler. African Blue Basil is happiest stored in a cool dark place but can be held overnight in a cooler.

We sell 2” pots in units of 4 plants, minimum order is 4 plants. All plants will be shipped after danger of freezing.